Episode 01 – First Episode Introductions

Episode 01 – First Episode Introductions
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First Episode!!

So happy to be underway! Hopefully you all enjoy listening to our podcast and we to hope provide at least some small amount of info or insight into the various topics. Our schedule is tentatively set to every fortnight, any changes or variations to this will be post here on the site and on the facebook page.

Please feel free to leave a comment here or over on the FB page post for this episode.

This episode’s question:

Wendy Jeffus
Time. How do you find time to be creative? Do you schedule it? Do you wait until free time is just available after other responsibilities are done? If you schedule yourself time to be creative, how much time do you plan for? I often start to be creative but see all the things that need to be done and go do them. I know you are busy and yet you create. Would love tips on how you do it. ?
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