Episode 02 – Rediscovering Your Creative Mojo

Episode 02 – Rediscovering Your Creative Mojo
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This episode Adele & Aaron chat about getting your creative mojo back. Many a helpful hint, plus a few tangents as always, on how to rediscover your creative mojo.

Our suggestions in this episode for getting you creative juices flowing again are:

  • make for enjoyment – it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t end up as finished or is not your best work, just create for creating’s sake
  • start small – baby steps
  • don’t be too hard on yourself, discover your style and go from there
  • don’t pressure yourself to be amazing first go, let your skills and talent develop naturally
  • schedule time to be creative
  • designate a space/equipment for your creativity
  • organise your supplies
  • kit together supplies and eliminate choices to give yourself some guidance
  • make something for someone – have a goal to focus you
  • look at your past projects and art for inspiration
  • create with a friend – even if it’s Shiela and her red frogs
  • use social media to connect with other creatives
  • get inspiration from social media/ the internet ( or even podcasts 😉

This episode’s question:

Iora Davidson
I’ve not got a very creative mind, in my opinion. When I try to do something without a sketch or scraplifting someone it turns out terrible. Would you recommend something (art classes, drawing classes??) to help spark my own creativity somehow?
voting coming soon

Head over here to ask a question or suggest a creative would you rather –>

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