Episode 03 – Organisation

Episode 03 – Organisation
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This episode Aaron & Adele talk about all things organisation, some of our best tips & tricks, plus some things we need to work on to get organised.

Among the many things we talk about this episode include:

  • listener question of the week/episode
  • list things out
  • bullet journaling
  • Aaron’s bullet journal flip through
  • breaking task down into manageable chunks
  • find a system that works for you
  • use apps like Evernote, Dropbox
  • project organisation
  • prioritisation
  • know your limits with projects
  • creative hypothetical would you rather

This episode’s question:

Annette Fraser
What’s your favourite crafty thing to do?

Head over here to ask a question or suggest a creative would you rather –>

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One Reply to “Episode 03 – Organisation”

  1. My phone photos drop to Dropbox automatically. From there I cut/paste into folders first by year, then by month. When I take the time, I sort through the month and edit/crop photos (in Picasa) to size I want and save them with the same name but adding the size, to a “Print Next” folder, often within that month. Then move that folder to the next folder I work on. When I’m ready to print I collage the 3×4 to print on 4×6. I’ve always left the originals exactly as taken (reverse everything I did in the original), but wishing now I at least left the colour editing complete first.

    My biggest problem … I jump around or work on editing a month when the month isn’t complete, or don’t have time to do the whole month, and then I need to figure out if my “Next Print” is complete for the month. LOL! Also, need to do a really good review/purge to get the excess files deleted.

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